Lake Danao National Park Travel Guide

This park is situated 15kms northeast of Ormoc, which is a city on the pretty island of Leyte in the Philippines, renowned for its abundant natural beauty.

Naturally formed in the shape of a guitar, Lake Danao is an impressive three kilometers in length and is encircled by evergreen forest and lush rolling hills. The perfect place for a picnic, the lake was originally formed by a volcanic eruption, evidence of which can be seen in the surrounding countryside.

Most people travel to Lake Danao National Park to take a boat ride and tour across crystal clear waters, and perhaps glimpse the giant eel which swims deep in the depths of the lake, much like a Filipino version of the Loch Ness monster. There is also a floating restaurant on the lake offering visitors good food and spectacular views.

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to reach Lake Danao National Park is from Tacloban, which has its own airport with regular flights arriving from Manila (1 hour). There are also regular buses to Tacloban from most major towns and cities in the Philippines such as Manila (20 hours), Catbalogan (3 hours), Calbayog (4 hours) and Allen (6 hours).