Calbayog Travel Guide

Calbayog is a natural paradise for anyone looking to get back to their primitive roots and enjoy some unspoiled landscapes made up from a variety of environs.

Calbayog is located on the coast of the island that runs from north to south and the terrain is a mixture of hills and mountains with beautiful beaches and seascapes. On the western coast of Calbayog are the Danao Caves, which are a maze of chambers filled with bats and snakes.

Close to the caves are the Pan-as-Falls, which are so high, by the time the water reaches the bottom of the cascade it is a mere mist. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has named the entire Samar Island as a global eco-region as it home to a vast number of plant and animal species.

There is a whole range of beaches to chill out on and during the weekdays you are likely to be the one person using them. Naga Beach is only a 10-minute drive from the center of town and has unusual gray colored sand while the nearby Bagacay Beach is picture perfect with its white sands and shady palm trees.

Getting There & Away

The capital city of Manila is home to the nearest international airport and from there you can get a flight to Calbayog that takes about 2 hours. From Cebu there are boats that travel overnight and the journey takes about 9 hours. Buses run between Manila and Tacloban and take 21 hours, and from Tacloban you can get a mixture of boats and buses to complete the last 3 hours.

Things to Do

Calbayog Attractions

Mapaso Hot Spring

A short hike from calbayog there is a hot spring that is home to pinkish crustaceans that live in the hot waters.

Mawacat Slide

After a 25-minute trek through shady forests there is hill with an incline of 45 degrees where water constantly flows for about 50 meters into a cool pool and it is used a slide.



A ritual dancing festival in september that celebrates the spirits who look after the region.