Baybay Travel Guide

The pretty city of Baybay is situated on the western coast of Leyte and popular with visitors who enjoy natural beauty and local charm.

Most visitors to Baybay head straight to the beach, which is one of the best in the area. With plenty of powdery white sand, swaying palm trees and clear sea to swim in, few people manage to prise themselves away from the beach to discover the area’s other attractions.

Baybay boasts a number of good places to walk such as parks and forests. There are a number of clearly marked trails for hikers, who are treated to sightings of vibrant flora and fauna as they wander through the wilderness before returning to the beach to watch the sun set.

Getting There & Away

There are regular ferries to Baybay from places such as Cebu (5 hours), Ormoc (50 minutes and Tacloban (1 hour). There are also regular flights from Manila to Tacloban (1 hour), which is a 30-minute jeepney ride away.

Things to Do

Baybay Attractions

Rizal Boulevard

A popular place to wander in the early evening to admire the stunning sunsets and panoramic ocean views.

Jungle Valley Park

Featuring a children’s playground, cycle path and small lake, this is a pleasant place to relax and unwind in.


Baybay holds its lively fiesta from December 26 to 27 in honor of its matron saint Mary and this is when the area really comes alive with games, drinking and dancing.