Limasawa Island Travel Guide

Stretching for about 10kms from north to south, the picturesque Limasawa Island is located in the Mindanao Sea, just off the coast of Leyte in the Philippines.

Limasawa Island is a popular location for divers and there are a number of great dive sites, from Zach’s Cover for deep divers to the deep canyons and serpents of Sea Snake Shoal. There are plenty of dive companies located on the island to arrange trips, which can last for anything from an hour to half a day or more.

Even if you’re not into diving, Limasawan Island is a pleasant place to chill out for a while. The powdery white sand beaches are a great place to soak up the sun, and there are a number of beach bars to sip cocktails at while the sun sets.

There is plenty of accommodation on Limasawan Island, ranging from wooden beach huts to stylish resorts. Many people end up spending several days on the island, even if they simply planned on visiting for the day.

Getting There & Away

Limasawa Island is best reached from Tacloban, which has its own airport with flights regular arriving from Manila (1 hour). There are also regular buses to Tacloban from most major towns and cities in the Philippines such as Manila (20 hours), Catbalogan (3 hours), Calbayog (4 hours) and Allen (6 hours). Once in Tacloban, it is a short ferry ride from Leyte port to Limasawa Island.