In the Philippines‘ province of Leyte, Palo is a particularly historic city. Today it is best known for the role in served during the American-led invasion in WWII that ultimately drove off the Japanese.

Local history goes back much farther than the 1940s. Historians think Palo began to be settled in the 10th or 11th centuries. Development leapt forward in the 1500s when Augustinian friars established themselves here.

All of the major tourist attractions center on WWII. The memorial on the beach where General Macarthur landed in 1944 is particularly well-visited. Other interesting sites include the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Memorial to the Filipino Soldier.

Getting There & Away

The city of Tacloban is just a few miles outside of Palo. Regular flights are available from here to Manila (1 hour), with its large international airport. Ferries also connect to Manila (30 hours) and Cebu (13 hours). Buses connect to Manila in 26 hours, but the ferry is much more comfortable.

Things to Do

Palo Attractions

Monument to the Filipino Soldier

Built to honor war heroes and veterans of wwii.

Metropolitan Cathedral

Founded in the late 16th century, this church boasts a gold-plated altar and beautifully crafted stations of the cross.

Red Beach

This was the landing point for general douglas macarthur in 1944, and a monument has been placed here in his memory.