Tacloban Travel Guide

The capital of Leyte Province, Tacloban is also a prominent commercial center for the Eastern Visayas in the Philippines. In a region known for its rugged and remote landscapes, Tacloban is surprisingly urbanized.

Tacloban was formerly known as Kankabatok after the Kabatok natives who once lived here. Spanish missionaries were well established by the 17th and 18th centuries, and heavy development followed.

The city came to international prominence during WWII when the Japanese took control, only to be ousted by an American invasion led by General Douglas Macarthur. Leyte Landing Memorial Park in the nearby city of Palo has a collection of memorials related to the liberation.

Getting There & Away

Tacloban is the transportation hub for Leyte as well as adjoining Samar, and there are several means of getting to and from the international airport at Manila. The most convenient means is by air, and flights take around an hour. It is also possible to travel by bus (26 hours) or by ferry (30 hours). Cebu City]] can also be reached by ferry (13 hours).

Things to Do

Tacloban Attractions

Joseph Price Mansion

Former headquarters of general macarthur, this building also served as temporary capitol for the philippines for a fleeting period in 1944.

Side trips from Tacloban


The official landing point for us-led liberation forces is next-door in the small town of palo. this town has plenty to offer wwii history buffs.


Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival

Beginning late in june, this month-long event sees street dancing and plenty of merry-making.