Riung Travel Guide

Situated on the northern coast of Flores, Indonesia, Riung is a quiet region known for its coral gardens and numerous islands. As the few tourists that visit Flores tend toward the central volcano and eastern Komodo dragons, Riung is still a backwater.

A total of 1,500 locals live here, making this the largest community in the greater area. Weaving and agriculture are the major industries in this mixed Islamic and Christian community.

Snorkeling is excellent from the tangled mangrove forests to the sprawling tracts of sea grass, home to sea urchins and starfish. Soft and hard corals abound, with schools of tropical fish darting among them.

Seventeen Islands National Park is the single greatest attraction. The name honors August 17th, Indonesia’s Independence Day, and is actually a misnomer. There are well over 25 islands here. The park’s protected status doesn’t stop large commercial fishing ships (many from Taiwan) from poaching the dwindling tuna.

If you tire of the idyllic beaches in Seventeen Islands Marine Park, the coral gardens of Riung will satisfy any dedicated snorkelers.

Getting There & Away

Buses from Ende can reach Riung in 3 hours, 30 minutes. From here a fleet of boats connect to islands throughout this part of the archipelago. Regular flights are operated to Kupang, Waingapu and Kupang, but the busiest airport in the area is at Denpasar and can be reached in a little over an hour.