Ruteng Travel Guide

This lesser port town on Flores Island in Indonesia is east of the more prominent Labuanbajo community. Like its neighbor, this port is also used as a stepping off point for komodo dragon wildlife tours, though it isn’t nearly as close to Komodo National Park]].

Golo Curu (also known as ‘Welcome Mountain’) is Ruteng’s major highlight. Visitors can cross the bridge out of town and then hike up the mountain to a lovely overlook point.

Ruteng is known in local circles as a market town. The streets are broad and shaded, and the market on Kartini Street hosts consumers and merchants from the surrounding hill country. Anyone staying overnight in Ruteng has a great chance to explore the local culture.

Getting There & Away

The bus station is about two miles out of town, making it slightly inconvenient. Buses regularly depart for Ende (9 hours), Bajawa (5 hours) and Labuanbajo (4 hours). The latter operates a minor air strip with flights to Denpasar on Bali (1 hour) where onward connections to Jakarta International Airport are regularly offered.

Things to Do

Ruteng Attractions

Golo Curu

The best lookout point in ruteng, ‘welcome mountain’ is best visited at sunrise before the clouds roll in.