Waingapu Travel Guide

Waingapu is a small town on one of the more remote East Nusa Tenggara islands in southern Indonesia. The town makes a good base for exploring Sumba’s renowned traditional villages.

Despite its diminutive size and stature, Waingapu is the main town of the island and comes with the best of the facilities. This should not be taken out of context, however, as there are only a few hotels and eateries in town, along with some local crafts shops, and the streets are pretty dusty and empty.

There are not many attractions in Waingapu apart from a quiet harbor, a beach, and some nearby volcanoes to walk up. Its status as gateway to Sumba is its main attraction but nearby are several authentic villages of interest. These include Prailiu, Praiyawang, Umabara, and Pau.

Getting There & Away

Waingapu has a small airport which receives flights a few times per week from Kupang in the east and Bali in the west. Flights from Bali’s international airport take around 1 hour, 20 minutes. Waingapu is also served by ferries from Ende in Flores and Kupang in West Timor.

Things to Do

Waingapu Attractions

Waingapu facilities

The town itself does not have any outstanding attractions, but does come with a few decent hotels, craft shops and eateries.

Kuta Beach]]

Not to be confused with kuta beach in bali, waingapu’s kuta makes a good place for relaxation.

Side trips from Waingapu

Prailiu village

One of the authentic sumba traditional villages which is nearby and features thatched abodes and residents in traditional garb.