Bajawa Travel Guide

Bajawa (Bejawa) is a small East Nusa Tenggara town in the center of Flores Island. It is west of the capital, Ende, and is a place of quiet hills, hot springs and many nearby traditional villages.

Bajawa is a walking town, being small and easy to get about in a few minutes. There is an interesting market in the center of town where several souvenir stores can sell traditional goods, including Ikat. There are a few stalls and simple restaurant around the market as well as several Chinese eateries, while guest houses can be found on both sides of the street.

There are many worthwhile side trips from Bajawa, with plenty of traditional villages in all compass directions. These include Bena to the south, Boawae toward Ende in the east, and Wogo, also in the east. There is also a string of volcanoes and hot springs nearby to Bajawa, including Mengeruda Hot Spring, northeast of town.

Getting There & Away

Bajawa has a small airport with flights from nearby Denpasar in Bali ( 1 hour), although you’ll need to fly to the likes of Ende (75kms to the east) if coming direct from Jakarta. Buses run in from Ende in a couple of hours. Ferries land at Bajawa from all over East and West Nusa Tengarra. Sumbawa is 8 hours away by bus.

Things to Do

Bajawa Attractions

Bajawa central market

The main attraction in bajawa is this pretty little market where tourists can pick up all sorts of souvenirs until late at night.

Side trips from Bajawa

Bena Village

There are many nearby villages to bajawa, of which bena is the most attractive. it lies just south of town toward the coast.


Hot Springs Folklore Festival

A fun festival that takes place in september every year, with lots of dressing up and dancing.