Komodo Travel Guide

Komodo is an island in Indonesia that is synonymous with the Komodo dragon, a creature first discovered by the Western world only a century ago. Komodo together with Rinca Island comprise Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The fierce Komodo dragons are much faster and stronger than most visitors would guess, and an accomplished guide is an essential (usually required) measure of safety. Other mammals on the island, especially deer and goats, make regular meals for these 10-foot reptiles.

The most practical pass allows three days in the park, at least one of which is usually spent on Komodo. Sighting a dragon is all but guaranteed, and the animals have an exceptional sense of smell. Food in the camps is necessarily stored safely in protective bins.

Beyond viewing dragons, diving is the other major pastime. Hundreds of tropical fish, manta rays and even whale sharks can be sighted here, and live-aboard boats offer multi-day tours from neighboring Indonesian islands.

Getting There & Away

Anyone not visiting on a live-aboard boat arrives via a 2-hour boat ride from Labuanbajo, gateway to Komodo. Labuanbajo operates a minor air strip and most flights connect to Bali (1 hour) where regional flights are offered. A flight from Bali to Jakarta expands the international options.