West Timor is the Indonesian part of Timor Island in southern Southeast Asia. It is one of the southernmost parts in Indonesia that is known for its gorgeous countryside and capital city, Kupang.

West Timor is part of East Nusa Tenggara and is pretty non-touristy owing to its remoteness and past recent strife. It is good for visa runners, however, with East Timor lying adjacent, along with lovers of the outdoors.

Kupang is the gateway to West Timor; a busy little city in the southwest of the territory that is known for its colonial past and transport connections. For those into exploring, West Timor is a bit of a paradise and you can be at a deserted, paradisiacal beach within hours of leaving Kupang.

Other attractions worth seeing near to West Timor are Rote Island, Indonesia’s southernmost island famed for its surf, and the neighboring country of Timor-Leste (East Timor) with its interesting capital, Dili.

Getting There & Away

Kupang Airport receives flights from Denpasar’s international airport in Bali as well as direct flights from Darwin, Australia. Flight times are around 1 hour from Darwin and 2 hours from Bali. Kupang is also host to the main port in West Timor, receiving ferries from Flores ports. Tenau Harbor and Bolok Harbor are both southwest of town.

Onward Travel