Maumere Travel Guide

Maumere is a seaport on Flores Island in Indonesia. It is little more than a transportation link, and would never land on a tourist’s itinerary if not for its connection by sea to Timor and Bali.

In 1992 an earthquake struck Maumere, generating a 65-foot tsunami that killed thousands of people. Reconstruction efforts have been nominal at best, and visitors will undoubtedly see signs of the destruction that took place more than a decade ago.

In colonial times, Dominican missionaries from Portugal were active in Maumere and the surrounding region, leaving a number of monasteries, convents and attractive churches behind. Beyond these sites, the town’s culture is on display in weaving workshops outside of city limits.

There was a time when Maumere was a prominent destination for scuba divers. The Maumere sea gardens were vibrant and colorful in the years before the tsunami. Today they can still be explored, but the damage is still evident. Those who opt to spend a night or two in the area are best served by rustic bungalows along the coast.

Getting There & Away

As a transportation hub for Flores Island, Maumere offers a comprehensive list of connections to other communities on the island. Two bus terminals handle transport to towns like Larantuka (4 hours) or Ende (5 hours). Boats connect to islands like Bali or Timor. Flights to other Indonesian cities are quick (usually less than an hour), and include connections to Denpasar, Bali, which has onward connections to Jakarta’s international airport.

Things to Do

Maumere Attractions

Maumere coral gardens

Once a striking attraction, these coral gardens were disrupted by the 1992 tsunami and are slowly recovering.