Ende Travel Guide

The Flores capital is a fun, yet lazy, town amid striking mountain scenery and is near the coast. It lies in the south of Flores, roughly in the middle of the island, and is good for a couple of days.

Ende is split into two parts, old and new. The old part of town is the most interesting and is west of the center close to the beach. It has a market and shops. The newer part of Ende is northeast of the city center and is more nondescript.

Finding a good hotel in a good spot is quite demanding but there are no issues with food. The Indonesian coffee, kopi Ende, is a must try in Ende for its mixture of coffee beans and toasted ginger.

Perhaps the main attraction in Ende for most people in Ende is nearby Blue Stone Beach. It’s a few kilometers from the old part of town, and although not great for lying on, it is visually stunning owing to its millions of blue pebbles. Farther out of town the terrain near Ende gets precipitous with high mountains, switchbacks and nice scenery. Mount Kelimutu (mountain of the three coloured lakes) is nearby.

Getting There & Away

Ende Airport (ENE) is the gateway to Ende and receives flights from Bali (the nearest major airport, 2 hours away) and from Jakarta in about 3 hours. Ende also receives flights from other Nusa Tengarra towns, both west and east, and boats come in from nearby cities.

Things to Do

Ende Attractions

Blue Stone Beach

Ende’s main attraction is this nearby beach, which although doesn’t have the best bathing, has good swimming and is photogenic.

Side trips from Ende

Mount Kelimutu

Flores is particularly mountainous and the nearby mount kelimutu has three different colored lakes. it’s located near the town of moni not far from ende.