Phu Phan National Park Travel Guide

Located in Sakhon Nakhon, Phu Phan National Park covers over 250 square miles of landscape and is home to a variety of native wildlife, plants and fauna, providing an untouched piece of nature.

The mountainous region has lush green rainforest coupled with rocky limestone cliffs encompassing spectacular waterfalls. There are nine mountains in the region and a variety of animals including monitor lizards, deer, monkeys and even some elephants.

Pha Nang Moem is one of two main places in the park to visit providing a visitor center with amenities. From Pha Nang Moem you can climb down the challenging Lan Sao E plateau, which is a spectacular waterfall during the wet season between August and October.

Tang Pee Parn is also a popular starting point and has a natural rock bridge leading through thick jungle. A four-wheel drive vehicle and local guide are recommended if attempting the journey.

To get the most out of the park, it is best to plan ahead and book a guide. Staying overnight in wooden bungalows is possible and there are also camping grounds with basic facilities.

Getting There & Away

Being situated less than 12 miles from Sakhon Nakhon, Phu Phan National Park is easily reached by road or air. If traveling by plane you will need to take a flight to Khon Kaen Airport, where minibuses connect to Sakhon Nakhon. By road from Bangkok the journey is approximately 200 miles and takes around 6 hours by bus.