Located within the hills and mountains of northernmost Isaan, approximately 460 miles from Bangkok, the ancient province of Nakhon Phanom sits serenely across the Mekong from Muang Ta Kaek, Laos. Heavily influenced through its history of Laotian immigrants, the 12 districts comprised within this province offer a great deal for travelers, not least of which is Phra That Phanom.

The most ancient and revered religious structure in all of the northeast, the Phra That Phanom shrine is situated 30 miles from the provincial capital and welcomes thousands of visitors annually. Roughly 1,500 years old, the structure stands 170 feet tall with a 240 pound solid gold top. A local fair in celebration of Phra That Phanom is held on the hill-moon evening of every third lunar month.

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