Located in the northeast of Thailand on the Khorat Plateau (Isarn), Sakon Nakhon province is home to the Phu Phan mountain range and is situated in close proximity to the Mekong river. The major tourist pulls of the province are the many forest temples that offer meditation retreats to both foreigners and locals.

The ancient Sakon Nakhon town is an important center of Thai Buddhist significance, owing to its many sacred spots including Wat Phra That Choeng Chum temple which dates back to the 10th century Khmer Prang period. Other attractions include the Freshwater Fish Aquarium which features various species of endemic freshwater fish.

Attracting devotes and tourists from all over, Sakon Nakhon celebrates the end of the Buddhist Lent period with a wide range of festivities including racing on the province’s lake, Nong Han - the largest natural lake in the northeast of Thailand.

The province includes a number of national park areas, with Huai Huat National Park being the most visited. Famous for its beautiful reservoirs and waterfalls, the park is also home to caves displaying prehistoric hand paintings. For those with an interest in arts and craft, the Ban Kut Na Kham Arts and Craft Center produces some of the finest earthenware crafts in the province.

Bus and train services within the province are generally good, but train services are more limited than in other provinces. There are a number of accommodation options within the provincial city of Sakon Nakon, but options are limited mainly to tourist areas in the far reaching parts of the province.

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