Loei is home to a number of cultural and historical sights and natural gems to keep tourists enchanted. Located in the north-east of Thailand, Loei is one of the most visited provinces in the region. Surrounded by several other provinces, such as Khon Kaen and Udon Thani, it also makes a great base to explore other areas in the region and Laos.

Covered with rolling hills and mountains, Loei boasts beautiful nature and a charming atmosphere, with the river Loei flowing through the province. One of the city’s highlights is Chaopho Kut Pong Shrine and the City Pillar Shrine, located in the heart of downtown Loei, the provincial capital. There are also many beautiful temples scattered around the city.

Those into nature will find many waterfalls to have a splash and several caves to explore. Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary features rich fauna and flora. Travellers can also observe dinosaur’s footprints to the east of Phu Luang. Chaloem Phra Kiat Public Park is located by the river Loei and is decorated with pretty flowers.

Another tourist attraction that is popular with visitors is the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge across the Hueang river. As the name suggests, the bridge connects Thailand and Laos, and you can walk across the bridge to buy cheap souvenirs from Laos.

Loei features a variety of accommodations and good facilities for travelers. It can be visited at anytime of the year, but is particularly busy during the wintertime. Sea of Fog and Beautiful Flower Blossom on Phu Ruea is a famous festival in the winter when you can admire a beautiful plant fair and vibrant evening dances.

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