Roi Et is a medium sized northeastern province located close to the border with neighboring Laos. The north of the province is the Phu Phan mountain range, but the rest of the province consists of plains that range between 130 and 160 meters above sea level. The province’s largest river is the Yang river.

One of the main attractions of Roi Et town, the provincial capital, is the pretty Bung Phlan Chai lake and town pillar shrine which are situated in the town center. Also of interest is Wat Buraphaphiram, the town’s major temple, which boasts Thailand’s highest standing Buddha statue that reaches more than 67 meters high.

Nature lovers should not miss a visit to the forests of the Tham Pha Nam Thip Non-hunting Area that contains some rare species of flora and fauna, including the barking deer. Here visitors can also see the sights from the stunning Pha Mok Mi Wai viewpoint which is surrounded by a veil of tropical mist year-round.

Further attractions of the province include the Roi Et National Museum, which displays many of the region’s fine arts and textiles. Also located within Roi Et town is the Mueang Roi Et Municipality Aquarium which features an underwater tunnel that passes through the aquarium.

Roi Et town includes a number budget guest houses and hotels as well as a few more exclusive options. The best way to get around the town is by samlor, a three-wheeled vehicle that you can catch from the bus station and hotels. Accommodation options in other areas of the province are generally located near major tourist attractions. With no direct trains running to Roi Et town from other provinces, bus travel is the best way to get here

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