Khon Kaen Province Travel Guide

This big, cultural province in the heart of northeast Thailand boasts full-on facilities and various cultural and natural sights. As the second-largest province in the region, Khon Kaen is a hub for education, transportation, tourism, and government offices.

The province’s main income provider is the silk trade. As Khon Kaen is one of the Thai cities under the National Economic and Social Plan, visitors can expect the province to be fully-equipped with facilities to rival those in Bangkok.

In the provincial capital, visitors can find the informative Khon Kaen National Musuem displaying impressive artefacts from local excavation sites and surrounding areas. There are also many temples that offer relaxing atmospheres and glimpses into the Thai lifestyle.

The southern side of the city is home to possibly the most famous lake in the region, Bueng Kaen Nakhon. This beautiful lake has boats for hire, while a lively night market is located here at sundown, selling various food, souvenirs and local products like silk and cotton.

There are many national parks located around the province, with Phu Kao Phu Phan Kham National Park and Nam Phong National Park being highlights. Other natural gems in Khon Kaen include several stunning waterfalls and fascinating caves. Ubolratana Dam, one of the most famous dams in the country, produces electricity and helps to prevent flood, and is also worth a visit.

Getting to Khon Kaen is easy, as with most provinces in the region. Many Thai airlines connect Bangkok to Khon Kaen daily, while buses and trains also run from major provinces. As one of the main hubs in Thailand, Khon Kaen has numerous accommodations for travellers.