Nakhon Ratchasima Province Travel Guide

Located approximately 160 miles from the capital Bangkok in the northeastern region of Isaan, Nakhon Ratchasima (more commonly referred to as Khorat) is an enormous province of plateaus and mountains. A popular destination well known for its mixture of traditions, hospitality and unspoiled landscapes, Khorat welcomes a large number of visitors every year intent upon experiencing the region’s natural beauty and historical sites.

At the city’s outer limit near the old gate of Pratu Chumpon stands the famous statue of Khun Ying Mo. Erected in 1534 to memorialize the heroism of the deputy governor’s wife, who saved the city from invading Laotian forces, a yearly celebration at the end of March commemorates her bravery and is attended by thousands from Khorat and neighboring provinces alike.

Wat Sala Loi temple, constructed in the form of a Chinese junk, is another popular, and unique, place of interest for visitors. Northeast of town and about 1,000 feet from the road along the bank of Lam Takhong river, the temple has received several architectural awards for its design.

Easily accessible, the province is linked by several straight-forward driving routes from Bangkok, each differing only in scenery and about 15 miles in distance. Air-conditioned buses leave from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) on a regular daily schedule while overnight trains leave from Hualumpong Station three to four times a day.__