Bordering Cambodia to the south and Laos to the north and east, Ubon Ratchathani is known as the ‘Emerald Triangle’ because of the area’s large forests. Thailand’s northernmost province is watered by the Mun river which spills into the mighty Mekong river. The province is the most visited in Thailand’s little-visited northeastern region of Isarn.

Highlights of the provincial capital of Ubon Ratchathani include Wat Tung Sri Muang and Wat Nong Bua temples. The annual Candle Festival involves music, dancing and processions and is held each July, and the Thung Si Mueang landscaped park is situated in the heart of the city.

The province is home to some beautiful national parks which offer the chance to hike among natural beauty. Kaeng Tana National Park features the lovely island of Kaeng Tana on the Mun river. Phu Chonh Na Yoi National Park offers stunning views of cliffs and mountains and Pha Taem National Park features ancient cave paintings.

The province is home to several waterfalls, most notably Saeng Chan waterfall, Bak tew Yai waterfall and Thung Na Muang waterfall. Other attractions include a cataract of natural rocks, Kaeng Sa Phu, the Chong Mek border and the impressive Sirinthorn dam.

As the main agricultural, educational and financial center for eastern Isarn, the province is well connected to the rest of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos by air, road and rail. A decent selection of hotels and guesthouses can be found throughout the province, with the most choice being available in Ubon Ratchathani town.

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