Buriram Province Travel Guide

A large and populated province in the northeast of Thailand, Buri Ram is famous for its Khmer heritage and popular among visitors for the numerous sites of beautiful architecture of that period.

About 250 miles (400kms) from Bangkok, Buri Ram’s many districts occupy an area of more than 6,200 square miles (10,000 square kilometers), making it one of the largest regions in Isaan. Historically an area of prosperity during the Khmer empire, Buri Ram has retained many of its cultural ties to the Cambodian people. Districts throughout the province are popular for their lush natural beauty as well as for the designs of their many ancient Khmer temples.

The huge Buddha image of Phra Suphatthara Bophit is a frequently visited tourist attraction. About four miles (six kilometers) on the Prakhon Chai highway from Buri Ram city, the Buddha image sits enshrined atop Khao Kradong Mountain and is accessible by way of a winding road leading to the summit. A replica of the Holy Footprint has been placed near the shrine.

Not far from the city of Buri Ram proper, in Amphoe Phuttaisong, the three pagodas of Prang Ku Suan Taeng stand. Constructed in the brick and mortar of ancient Khmer style, they are of particular architectural interest. Extremely detailed carvings depicting scenes from the Ramakian are visible upon door panels. The once-stolen and sold carving of Narai Bantomsin has since been returned and is now kept at the National Museum in Bangkok.