Phetchabun Travel Guide

Phetchabun is wedged between Thailand’s northern and central regions. The region is known for its mountains and forests as well as for its orchards of tamarind trees. Trekking through Pa Sak River Valley is the most popular tourist activity.

The weather is ideal for outdoor activities so Phetchabun’s visitors usually head out to the waterfalls and scenic areas in the surrounding mountains. This area was a staging ground for conflict between Thai nationalists and communist insurgents during the 1970s, and remnants of old military bases are scattered throughout the pine forests.

The most striking attraction is Si Thep Historical Park, an ancient settlement that dates to the 600s AD. This was before Buddhism was established in Southeast Asia so the temple ruins show signs of Hindu worship. A pillar from Si Thep was transported to Mahathat Temple in the city center.

Getting There & Away

There are no airports in the immediate area. Phetchabun can be reached by bus from Chiang Mai. The journey takes several hours on steep and mountainous roads so it’s best to book a seat on a comfortable VIP coach. The airport in Chiang Mai offers a range of international and domestic connections including links to Bangkok’s better served international airport.

Things to Do

Phetchabun Attractions

Wat Mahathat

The main temple in phetchabun holds an ancient pillar carried in from si thep historical park.

Nam Nao National Park

This natural haven is perfect for hiking and bird watching and can be quite cool in december and january.

Khao Kho

Former stronghold of communist insurgents, this highland territory still conceals relics and ruins from the war.

Tat Mok Waterfall

A beautiful 12-tier cascade less than 10 miles from the town center.

Si Thep

60 miles from town, this ancient settlement reflects a pre-buddhist society.