Khao Kho Travel Guide

In Thailand’s Phetchabun Province]], Khao Kho is a place of natural beauty at high elevation. This settlement came to prominence in the 1970s when communist insurgents fought against the mainstream Thai government.

Khao Kho allures to history buffs as well as nature enthusiasts, and many of the war memorials and former communist base camps are hidden away in beautiful tracts of pine forests. Temperatures are cool during the dry season, especially at night, so it’s a good idea to bring a warm change of clothes.

The main attraction is the Khao Kho Memorial, a tribute to the conflict that lasted from 1968 to 1982. Visitors who can do without viewing another memorial may appreciate the hidden chedi, draped in saffron cloth and concealing holy relics. Other outlying destinations include the Khao Kho mountaintop and Si Dit waterfall.

Getting There & Away

Khao Kho is accessible via Route 12 which runs between Lom Sak and Phitsanulok. After leaving the main highway a network of steep mountainous roads leads to the small town. The nearest airport is in Chiang Rai though it’s just as convenient to fly into Chiang Mai with its breadth of international connections. The final leg of the journey is by coach and takes several hours.

Things to Do

Khao Kho Attractions

Khao Kho peak

The mountaintop in amphoe khao kho is a good vantage point from which to enjoy the forested scenery.

Si Dit Waterfall

This waterfall is the perfect backdrop for a picnic.


A forested chedi just outside of the city houses holy buddhist relics and is an important pilgrimage destination for regional worshippers.

Khao Kho Memorial

Built to honor the soldiers and civilians who fought against insurgent guerilla forces leading up to 1982.

Rai BN

This cool-climate agricultural project boasts flowers and fresh fruit in every season.