Nam Nao National Park Travel Guide

Found in Thailand’s Phetchabun Province, Nam Nao National Park is a unique fusion of deciduous and coniferous forest. This important watershed forest sits on the border of northern and southern Thailand.

The park is characterised by sandstone cliffs, the tallest of which stand at 3,000 feet. Rivers, waterfalls and caves are all onsite, and many of these attractions are close enough to Highway 12 that they can be visited by car. The peak visiting season lasts from November to February, when frosts are possible early in the morning.

Wildlife in the park includes hundreds of bird species, tigers, Asiatic black bears, wild boar, Malaysian sun bears, mouse deer and leopards. The luckiest visitors may catch sight of an elusive herd of elephants. The best way to guarantee wildlife sightings is to visit early in the morning with a guide.

Other natural highlights include the Forest of Changing Color, a rare sight in Thailand where changing leaves are a rarity. Visit in December for the best show. You can also take an easy three-mile trek from the tourist center to Phu Khor Viewpoint. Depart early in the morning to reach the lookout point at sunrise. It’s possible to camp on the summit of the park’s highest peak, Phu Pha Jit.

Getting There & Away

Access is from Highway 12, which connects Lomsak (35 miles to the west) and Khon Kaen (65 miles to the east). Both of these cities operate regular buses into Nam Nao. Khon Khaen operates a regional airport and can be reached from Bangkok in less than an hour.