Pak Thong Chai Travel Guide

Situated in the northeastern Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima, Pak Thong Chai is a small town with an important silk production history. There are several mills in the surrounding area producing both silk and cotton clothing.

Pak Thong Chai is positioned in the flat southeastern corner of the province and is only a short drive away from Khorat City. The farming lands have a rich heritage dating back to a period of Khmer rule when the area was given to the Lao people of Vientiane.

The main attractions of Pak Thong Chai are the fabric producing factories and the small villages, with locals using traditional methods of spinning thread and dying silk. Just outside the city is a large natural dam, Lam Phra Phloneng, which attracts locals for fishing and water activities. The dam is well worth checking out for its picturesque scenery.

Getting There & Away

Located just 17 miles from Khorat City, Pak Thong Chai is simple and easy to get to. Buses and trains leave from Bangkok for Khorat on an hourly basis, taking just 3 hours travel time. There are frequent minibus services connecting Khorat with Pak Thong Chai.

Things to Do

Pak Thong Chai Attractions

Lam Phra Phloneng

This large dam has up to 10 miles of waterways during the wet season, which the locals use to enjoy fishing, swimming and other water sports.