Phimai Travel Guide

The small town of Phimai is located in the northeast of Thailand in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. The city has a population of approximately 10,000 residents and is home to significant Khmer ruins.

Phimai is easily reached from the capital of Nakhon Ratchasima by minibus. Once in town everything is within walking distance including the bustling little night market with its array of food and local handicrafts. There are transport options as well as tour guides offering trips to the nearby Khmer temples.

The main attraction in Phimai is the ancient Khmer ruins of temples and pagodas. Some of the temples date back to the 7th century and are still in fairly decent condition. Phimai rests at the end of a one-time ancient Khmer highway connecting to Angkor Wat.

Getting There & Away

From the nearby city of Khorat there are public and private bus services leaving for Phimai throughout the day. The short journey takes around 1 hour. To get to Khorat you need to take a bus or train from Bangkok, which typically takes around 3 hours. If driving, take Highway 1 to Saraburi then head east along Highway 23.

Things to Do

Phimai Attractions

Phimai Historical Park

Located just outside of town, the park is home to several khmer ruins and temples displaying amazingly preserved structures from the 7th century onward.