Mahasarakham Travel Guide

The sleepy town of Mahasarakham is located 470kms from Bangkok and is the capital of Mahasarakham Province. The town serves as an arts and cultural center for the province.

Traditionally, the main attraction in the area has been the Ku Mahathat archaeological site, which contains a number of ancient relics. In recent years a large number of travelers have starting visiting the area to ride the Loeng Chan rapids and hike through the surrounding countryside.

Although not the most exciting place in Thailand, Mahasarakham is a good place to learn about Thai traditional crafts and to explore the natural beauty of this region without being disturbed by loud music from neon-lit bars.

Getting There & Away

There is no rail service to Mahasarakham and the most direct way to get here is by taking a bus from Bangkok (8 hours), which will stop at the town’s bus station. Planes also fly to the neighboring city of Khon Kaen (45 minutes) and there is a regular bus service from here to Mahasarakham (90 minutes).

Things to Do

Mahasarakham Attractions

Kosamphi Forest Park

Visit this pretty park to ride the rapids on the chi river and see a number of different kinds of birds such as the rare golden crab-eating macaque.

Walai Rukavej Research Institute

This community complex features a number of attractions such as the isan cart museum and the isan traditional house museum.