Chong Mek Travel Guide

Straddling Thailand’s border with Laos, Chong Mek is a trading village with a straightforward border crossing for international tourists. This is the only international crossing between Thailand and southern Laos.

This area is nicknamed the Emerald Triangle, an allusion to the three countries (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia) that huddle here. Tourist officials hope to generate the kind of mystique built up around the much more successful Golden Triangle, where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet. Despite this, Chong Mek has little tourist appeal and is only worthwhile as a crossing point.

The sole attraction in this area is three miles west of town. The Kheuan Sirinthon reservoir was built on top of a tributary to the Mun River. Picnics and swimming are possible here though the town draws more locals than tourists. Locals also trickle in to shop for merchandise from Laos, China and Vietnam.

Getting There & Away

Songtaew pickup trucks run between Chong Mek and Phibun (1 hour). As Ubon Ratchathani is only 56 miles away, it’s possible to charter taxis and minivans between the two. Despite its name, Ubon Ratchathani International Airport really only flies to Bangkok (1 hour) where worldwide connections are available.

Things to Do

Chong Mek Attractions

Kheuan Sirinthon reservoir

Tourists seldom make it out to this recreational area where locals enjoy swimming and picnicking.