Taksin Maharat National Park Travel Guide

Taksin Maharat National Park is named after an ancient king. It’s found in Mae Sot, close to Lang Sang National Park, so the two are usually visited together.

Thanon Thongchai Mountain divides Mae Sot from Tak, inching just barely above the rugged mountains and forests that characterize the area. The park’s most famous attraction, an enormous krabak tree, is the largest of its kind in Thailand. It stands 164 feet tall and measures 53 feet around its base. The tree is found three miles from the visitors’ center.

The other major attraction is Saphan Hin, a natural stone bridge that stretches between two cliffs. At 100 feet long and more than 80 feet wide, it’s impressive to see. Given the size of the natural bridge, the relatively modest stream gurgling below is a little anticlimactic. The bridge is further out from the visitors’ center and makes for a nice picnic destination.

Getting There & Away

Follow Route 105 from Tak (toward Mae Sot) and follow the signposts to the park. The last mile or two before the park entrance takes drivers on a secondary road. The airport in Tak may have flights to Bangkok, but service is infrequent. It’s a better bet to fly to Phitsanulok and travel onward from there.