Umphang Travel Guide

Situated in a district of the same name, Umphang is a town in Thailand’s Tak Province situated close to the country’s border with the Union of Myanmar. Though it’s often overlooked by those vacationing in or making tours of Thailand, it’s a destination worthy of note, not least for being home to Thailand’s most impressive waterfall.

Though it’s referred to as a town, Umphang is little more than a village and one that, despite some degree of popularity with domestic tourists, has managed to remain entirely unspoilt. 7-Elevens and ATMs are decidedly absent, while rice paddies, rural domiciles and charming traditional village folk are very much present.

Umphang has a handful of guesthouses to cater to its visiting population but that’s as far as it goes where amenities are concerned. Dining out here means eating the local cuisine, while shopping amounts to buying the fresh produce available from the village’s various market stalls.

Getting There & Away

Umphang is not especially easy to get to irrespective of your point of origin, as it’s situated at the top of a 150km long winding mountain road. From Bangkok, travelers can travel by bus to Mae Sot, then by pick-up truck from Mae Sot to Umpang. The total journey time is around 11 hours but this figure does not include the time between connections at Mae Sot. A faster alternative is to fly to Mae Sot then take the pick-up for the remainder of the journey.

Things to Do

Umphang Attractions

Tee Lor Su waterfall

Thailand’s biggest waterfall and allegedly the sixth biggest fall in the world.

Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary

A unesco world heritage site and where you’ll find the tee lor su waterfall.

Takhobi cave

Stalagmites and stalactites aplenty to see in this fascinating cave located close to the village.