Mae Sot Travel Guide

Fifty miles from the capital city of Tak Province, Mae Sot sits on Thailand’s border with Myanmar where the AH1 Asian Highway crosses. This is arguably the most important link between the two countries.

Myawaddy is across the border from Mae Sot, and it’s possible to cross via the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge which was built more than a decade ago. The border is generally open during daylight hours, and international visitors may cross to explore the market but are not permitted to stay the night.

The only reason tourists go to Mae Sot is make use of the border crossing and renew their visa. The marketplace is novel and deals in a mixture of contraband and above-board goods. Gems are the most notable items for sale though everyday tourists are warned against investing much money in what’s likely to be convincing fake.

Getting There & Away

Highway 105 connects Mae Sot to Tak, and the journey takes 1 hour, 30 minutes. Tourists can arrange minibuses from Tak to Mae Sot, where there’s a regional airport with service to Bangkok (less than an hour flight). Mae Sot Airport is currently out of use, however.

Things to Do

Mae Sot Attractions

Mae Sot Temple

The main temple in mae sot operates a sauna that’s open to the public and charges a modest admission fee.


The municipal marketplace deals in a tantalizing spread of diverse ethnic foods, handicrafts, gems and textiles.