Roi Et Travel Guide

Situated in the northeast of Thailand, the city of Roi Et is one of the region’s most populous, with over one million permanent residents. The literal translation of Roi Et is ‘101’, which refers to the 11 city gates and original surrounding cities.

Roi Et is around 130 meters above sea level, with the majority of the province being positioned in the Phu Phan mountain range. There are several rivers running through the city including the Chi and Mun rivers, both of which provide much needed irrigation to the surrounding farmlands.

There are various attractions and sights to see in Roi Et including the National Museum, which houses fine arts and local handicrafts. Also of interest are the city’s temples and places of worship, many of which date back to the period of Khmer rule. The city is also home to a public aquarium that houses an extensive range of fresh water fish.

Getting There & Away

There are several modes of transport for arriving to Roi Et, with the most convenient means if getting here being by air to Roi Et Regional Airport, which handles flights from local carriers. Buses leave every few hours from Bangkok’s Mochit Bus Station, taking around 7 hours travel time. If driving, take Highway 1 from Bangkok then Highway 2, which leads to Highway 23 and Roi Et.

Things to Do

Roi Et Attractions

Bueng Phlan Chai

A picturesque lake covering over 200,000 square meters and providing recreational facilities for locals and tourists alike.

Wat Burapha Phiram

Formally known as wat hua ro, the temple was built by the royal family.

Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkhon

Situated in wat pha nam thip, this large pagoda was built in honor of lord buddha.