North Central Bali Travel Guide

Situated in Indonesia, the north central region of Bali is surrounded by natural beauty such as high mountains, jungles and ancient temples.

Although there are no beaches here, this region of Bali is popular with those who are interested in the history and culture of the island. Here you will find a number of traditional villages where the inhabitants have been following the same cultural and spiritual practices for hundreds of years.

Some of the most visited towns and cities in North Central Bali include Bedugal, with its surrounding lakes and mountains, the city of Ubud, famous for its palaces and forest and Sayan, which has spectacular rice terraces and is a great place for hiking through the countryside.

North Central Bali is famous for its vibrant festivals such as Nyepi, the day when the people have to maintain absolute silence all day in order to trick all the evil spirits into believing that no one actually lives on Bali. Although this festival is rather low key, most of the region’s festivals are extremely vibrant and celebrated with plenty of singing, dancing and drinking.

Getting There & Away

Most visitors to North Bali arrive via Ngurah Rai International Airport, which is located in the vibrant city of Denpasar. Most parts of North Central Bali can be reached in an hour or so from Denpasar’s large bus station and buses and other local transport connect most towns and cities in this region.