A major transport hub in the Philippines‘ Albay Province, Legaspi is synonymous with Mount Mayon, its conical volcano looming just a few miles away. Climbers beware: this is the most active volcano in the archipelago.

Beyond the volcano, there is not a great deal for tourists to do here. More than anything, Legaspi is a useful jumping off point due to its regional airport with regular service to Manila. Tourists land here and then plan excursions to Donsol, with its whale sharks; Camalig, with its heritage homes; or the ecotourism destination, Irosin.

But as provincial capital, there are a few points of interest in Legaspi City itself. Taking a few hours to approach and view the volcano is a standard activity, with the best perspective offered on Lignon Hill. Thrill-seekers can whisk down Lignon Hill on a zip-line.

Cagsawa Ruins is another interesting site just a few miles outside city limits. The town here was wiped out by a lava flow nearly two centuries ago, and all that remains today is the stone bell tower to the old church.

Getting There & Away

The easiest way to get to Legaspi is by air from Manila. The flight takes just under an hour and is a great convenience for those who want to explore the region and don’t relish an 11-hour bus ride. Legaspi is also the terminus of the Bicol Express railway from Manila, a 15-hour leg.

Things to Do

Legaspi Attractions

Legaspi City Museum

The only museum in the entire bicol region comes equipped with exhibits showcasing the area’s history and heritage.

Side trips from Legaspi

Mount Mayon

The philippines’ most active volcano is also billed as the world’s most beautiful due to its sublime axis of symmetry.

Lignon Hill

This is the best place to watch the volcano at work, complete with an observation station operated by the philippine institute of volcanology and seismology.

Cagsawa Ruins

Mount mayon leveled the city of cagsawa in 1814 and left scant remains in what is now an eerie setting.

Japanese Tunnel

This cavern was once an arms cache during wwii used by invading japanese forces. a visit involves crawling at some points.

Sto Domingo

This nearby coastal resort is known for hot springs, relaxing beaches and trail access to the summit of mount mayon.

Onward Travel