Jingxi Travel Guide

Located in Guangxi Province, Jingxi is made up of karst formations and sits on a beautiful plateau. There are a number of streams and rivers which add to the beauty of the area.

The surrounding landscape is the city’s main draw card; however, there are a few sights to see within the city itself. There are historic buildings, traditional houses, ornate temples and a range of local eateries to explore.

However, the most popular sights are without doubt those which can be found in the countryside. The abundance of waterfalls in all shapes and sizes along with the dramatic geography make this a must-visit for anyone who has time and who is into nature. Once home to a bloody territorial war, today Jingxi is one of the most beautiful cities in the region.

The tourist infrastructure is not very developed, which means that accommodation is fairly limited and there are only local restaurants and bars to enjoy. However, if you embrace this, you will find that you have a unique and fascinating trip.

Getting There & Away

The nearest airport is found in Nanning and has daily flights to and from Beijing in just 3 hours. Once in Nanning, there are buses available which will take you to Jingxi and take about 4 hours.

Things to Do

Jingxi Attractions

Tongling Canyon

This stunning cave was only recently unearthed. a hike through its winding passages will lead you to the lovely tongling waterfall. behind this waterfall are another cave and a waterfall located within the cave. there are opportunities for swimming and enjoying a picnic. facilities are minimal so be sure to bring your own water and snacks.

Side trips from Jingxi

Surrounding countryside

The karst formations, rivers, waterfalls and beautiful streams make a trip to jingxi a must-see for any nature lover. there is an abundance of wildlife to be seen and many nature trails to follow.