Yulong River Travel Guide

Situated 15kms west of Yangshuo, this long, flowing river is a real lifeline to this region of China and a major source of income to the people who live on its banks.

Situated in southeastern Guangxi Province, this pretty river is actually a small tributary of the Li River. Stretching for 35kms, the Yulong River starts near the town of Litang and winds its way through a number of small villages in the Yulong River Valley such as Chaolong, Yima and Putao.

Motorized boats are not allowed on the Yulong River, mainly because it is very shallow. Instead, bamboo rafts are used to take passengers down the river - a popular tourist activity. The cool, clear water of the Yulong River is also good for swimming in as the current isn’t too strong.

A great way to get to the Yulong River is by using Yangshuo as a base and hiring a bicycle. Cycle to Yulong Bridge and hire a bamboo raft to float gently down the river for a while, admiring the lush natural scenery of rocky karst cliffs and tiny village as you pass. People use the river for a range of activities such as fishing and washing clothes and this is an interesting place to witness rural Chinese life.

Getting There & Away

Access is from Yangshuo, which is just 15kms away and can be reached by bicycle or bus (10 minutes). Unfortunately, there is no bus or train station at Yangshuo so most visitors will arrive at Guilin Airport perhaps via the international airport at Hong Kong (50 minutes), and then take a bus to Yangshuo (60 minutes).