Guiping Travel Guide

Guiping can be found in Guangxi Province and is a small, fairly unremarkable town. As with many of the cities within the province, its history dates back to the 1st century BC.

There is not a developed tourist infrastructure within the town, although there are few historical buildings to admire and a selection of local restaurants. Accommodation is fairly basic with a small choice of medium-range guest houses available.

The local people are very friendly and will welcome you into the town, as long as you are respectful of their culture. Most people visit Guiping to escape the bustle of the larger cities in the province and take the time to enjoy a good book and take in the natural landscape.

Getting There & Away

Guiping is just 2 hours away by road from Nanning. If you are flying into Nanning, the city’s international airport has a range of destinations it serves as well as daily flights to Beijing. Journeys to and from Beijing airport take approximately 3 hours while from Shanghai they take 5 hours, 30 minutes. From Nanning, there are buses connecting to Guiping.

Things to Do

Guiping Attractions

Tropic of Cancer Sign Park

Located just outside the town center, this park is centered on the indicator line marking the tropic and temperate zones. it is the only real marker of the line in the world and if you stand on the center of the line, your voice will actually echo.

Side trips from Guiping


Is one of the largest cities in the province and boasts a wealth of attractions and a very established tourist infrastructure. most people in the region fly in and out of nanning, but you should try to take some time to explore this ancient city.