Daming Shan Travel Guide

This famous mountain in Southwest China (Guanxi Province) is more than 5,700 feet tall and is a spectacular hiking destination. The views from the summit reveal some of China’s least touched countryside.

Those who balk at hiking can make use of the cable car, which departs from the gate of the park near a small town called Ji Xi. This is the best option for all but the most dedicated hikers as there are plenty of steps to climb and ridges to navigate even after reaching the top.

Hanging bridges over deep valleys and dramatic views are the crowning attraction. There are a few facilities at the summit including noodle shops and a restaurant, but these take a back seat to the spectacular scenery.

Back at the base, there is a park-sponsored hotel with a variety of rooms and services. Virtually all of the tourists are Chinese bussed in on package tours from Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Westerners are in the minority so a visit to Daming Shan doubles as a unique cultural experience.

Getting There & Away

This region is secluded, a fact that keeps most Western tourists at bay. The easiest way in is onboard a package tour bus, which can reach the region from Hangzhou in 2 hours, 30 minutes or from Shanghai in just over 5 hours. Suzhou lies in between these two cities. Pudong International Airport in Shanghai connects to major cities around the world.