Yangshuo Travel Guide

Surrounded by mountains and lush countryside, Yangshou is a small tourist town where people flock to take part in a range of activities.

Most visitors to Yangshuo come here to practice adventure pursuits such as rock climbing, caving and hiking. There are several operators in the town where visitors can book tours and professional climbing trips. Another interesting option is taking a hot air balloon ride over the town and countryside for a spectacularly different point of view.

When it comes to nightlife Yangshuo has a lot to offer. There are several bars, caf├ęs and restaurants to choose from as well as a couple of discos where visitors can dance the night away to various different types of music. Those who enjoy dancing can also watch traditional singing in dancing at a few different venues in Yangshuo.

Getting There & Away

The nearest airport to Yangshuo is at Guilin, which is a bus ride away (60 minutes). Guilin receives regular flights from the international airport at Hong Kong (50 minutes), the main point of access for visitors to this region of China.

Things to Do

Yangshuo Attractions

Yangshuo Park

Arrive early in the morning to watch people practicing kung fu and tai chi, singing and dancing.

Impression Liu Sanjie

This lively nightly performance features a cast of 500 all wearing traditional zhuang, miao and yao dress.

Rock climbing

There are more than 300 climbing routes around yangshuo, and this is a good place to find a climbing partner or group.

Bamboo rafting

Summer visitors can glide along the yulong river on a bamboo raft.