Liuzhou Travel Guide

Liuzhou is located in Guangxi Province and shares a border with Hunan Province. It is a stunning city with many natural attractions and a long and detailed history.

The city of Liuzhou was first established in 206 BC as before this time, it belonged to Guilin. It was during the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 AD) that it became a city in its own right and the name was changed to Liuzhou.

The landscape of the city is mainly made up of karst formations with rivers flowing through. It is overlooked by mountains and is the perfect place for nature lovers to spend some time. The main inhabitants are ethnic hill tribes, in particular the Han tribe. They still live very traditional lives and the city offers a unique opportunity for visitors to learn first hand about different hill tribes.

The tourist infrastructure is fairly basic with limited accommodation options and a small selection of local eateries. However, most people choose to visit to experience local life, not for the nightlife and man made attractions.

Getting There & Away

Liuzhou has its own airport which is 12kms south of the city center. Flights are available to Beijing (3 hours) and Shanghai (5 hours) as well as Haikou, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. Airport buses leave for the city regularly and take just 15 minutes.

Things to Do

Liuzhou Attractions

Fish Peak Park

Is a beautiful area which boasts hills, caves, ancient stone statues, small lakes, thick forests and traditional chinese pavilions. it is located just outside the city center and is a must-see.

Bailian Cave

Is an ancient cave which houses an underground river and the remains of a lake. it is surrounded by imposing mountains and beautiful lush countryside. it is one of the oldest caves in china and is a popular attraction with all who visit liuzhou. there is a wealth of information located outside the cave about the ancient chinese tribal communities, the cave itself and the history of the area. there are also a number of fossils which date back over 50,000 years, to a time when cave men would have lived in the area.

Liuhou Temple

Located in the city center, this popular attraction was built in commemoration of liu zongyuan, a famous thinker, writer and politician in the tang dynasty. it is home to the tomb of liu zongyuan as well as displays of his clothes and other personal possessions.