Makassar Travel Guide

Makassar is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi in Indonesia and the largest city on Sulawesi Island. It was once known Ujung Pandang, after a colonial fort in the city, and the two names are often used interchangeably.

As with much of the region, the first European settlers were Portuguese missionaries who were successful in converting many of the locals to Christianity. The city was an important trading hub during the 15th century and it was not long before it became one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia.

The kings of the time opted for free trade, which ensured that the Dutch were unable to claim a monopoly on the city and therefore kept it from becoming a Dutch colony. It became a boiling pot of cultures, with Christians, Muslims and Buddhists working side by side without any trouble.

The coastline of the city is home to beautiful coral reefs and pristine white sandy beaches while the actual city boasts fascinating museums, imposing mountains and a wealth of entertainment options. It really is a city with something for everyone.

Makassar is the major transportation hub of the region as well as being the main financial, entertainment and residential hub. Tourism and trade are the two biggest economy boosts and both continue to thrive and grow year after year.

Getting There & Away

Makassar is home to the only international airport in the region. Flights arrive from countries such as Malaysia (3 hours, 20 minutes) and Singapore daily and the airport is also something of a hub for domestic flights from Jakarta and Denpasar. If you have a bit of time on your hands, it is worth taking a ferry from one island to another as you will get a perspective of the beauty of this part of the world.

Things to Do

Makassar Attractions

Jalan Sumba Opu

One of the most famous streets in the city and home to an abundance of shopping opportunities as well as local eateries, quaint caf├ęs and traditional artists

Makassar Beach

Offers beautiful white sands and clear waters.

Side trips from Makassar

Tana Toraja

This beautiful village lies nestled in the mountains and is famous for its unique funeral celebrations. funerals of village folk draw visitors from around the world as a week-long celebration of life takes place every time someone dies. it is a uniquely traditional village


Makassar funerals

The local funeral commemorations are an experience not to be missed. there is a week-long celebration of life where village upon village dance and sing long into the night each time someone dies.