Watampone Travel Guide

Located on the east coast of South Sulawesi in Indonesia, Watampone is a small town with an interesting history dating back thousands of years. Commonly known as just Bone, the town has much to offer tourists.

Although easily reached from the regional capital, Makassar, few foreigners travel to Watampone. Buses travel in between the two locations on a daily basis. There are numerous guest houses and accommodation options as well as good local restaurants and recreational activities to enjoy.

Apart from the picturesque natural surrounds, which are great for trekking and exploring, in the town center of Watampone there is an interesting museum showcasing an array of local artifacts. Also of interest in the town center is the statue of Prince Arung Palakka.

Getting There & Away

From the capital city of Makassar on the west coast there are daily buses traveling to Watampone, taking approximately 5 hours. Makassar Airport services planes arriving from both Jakarta and Bali on a daily basis. Both Jakarta and Bali airports have international connections.

Things to Do

Watampone Attractions

Museum Lapawaoi

Located in the middle of town, the museum is an interesting place to visit with an extensive collection of local historic artifacts.

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Is a traditional bugis styled house built in 1881, which is now used for local events and cultural activities.

Side trips from Memot


Is not too far from watampone and is a great place to visit for the massive lake tempe.