Mamasa Valley Travel Guide

Located in central South Sulawesi, the Mamasa Valley is a spectacular and mostly untouched area with an abundance of beautiful rainforests, high mountains and interesting hill tribe villages.

The stunning landscape is great for trekking and mountaineering and there are numerous adventure companies offering guided tours. Some of the mountains reach 1,400 meters high and the clear fresh water river is great for fishing and swimming. The traditional villages scattered throughout the region are full of culture and heritage dating back hundreds of years.

Mamasa Valley is positioned in the middle of South Sulawesi, approximately 100kms from the coastline. Getting here can prove difficult, with a long and bumpy journey through thick and mountainous terrain. The town of Polewali is the main port for entry, with buses leaving here each morning.

The main attraction of the Mamasa Valley is the scenic hiking trails which offer fantastic views of untouched rainforest and jungle. The local villages are known for their interesting architecture and funeral rituals, which are thought of as the most significant part of the life cycle.

Getting There & Away

First you need to get to South South Sulawesi|Sulawesi’s capital, Makassar, by air from either Jakarta or Bali (1 hour). Afterward, a bus will take you north to the coastal town of Polewalim (10 hours). From Polewali there are smaller buses and mini vans that make the final trip to Mamasa Valley (5 hours).

Onward Travel

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