Pare Pare Travel Guide

Positioned along the west coast of South Sulawesi, approximately 155kms from Makassar, Pare Pare is a beautiful port town with one of the largest population centers of Bugi people.

Pare Pare has a large harbor which has a long history of maritime trade dating back hundreds of centuries. The port is also the second largest in the region. The city is a smaller and greener version of the South Sulawesi capital city, Makassar.

Pare Pare does not have too many tourist attractions although the city center and harbor front area has a great atmosphere attracting locals each night for markets and entertainment. There are some great restaurants and shops to visit, along with a couple of local sights such as the boat statue which honors the maritime history of the city.

Getting There & Away

Traveling from the regional capital city of Makassar, Pare Pare is easily reached, with buses leaving daily and taking around 5 hours. The airport in Makassar has frequent flights arriving from Jakarta’s and Bali’s well-connected international airports.

Things to Do

Pare Pare Attractions

The Esplanade

Is positioned along the harbor front and each night comes alive with people, entertainment and street stalls selling locally made handicrafts.

Side trips from Pare Pare

East Kalimantan

Boats leave for the region each week, which is the second largest region of indonesia and filled with lots to see and so.