Pantai Bira Travel Guide

Located approximately 200kms from the capital city of Makassar in South Sulawesi, Pantai Bira is a stunningly beautiful coastal town which has great diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Pantai Bira Beach is positioned just 40kms from Bulakumba, which is easily reached from Makassar. Buses leave each morning from Makassar making the journey to Bulakumba in around seven hours. From Bulakumba you can take local taxis or minibuses to Pantai Bira.

The main attraction of Pantai Bira is the beautiful beaches with their fine white sands and crystal clear waters. There are several diving operations offering PADI approved dive courses as well as snorkeling daytrips on which you can spot see manta rays and turtles. The coastline is truly breathtaking, with stunning views providing the backdrop to a perfect romantic evening walk.

Travel to Pantai Bira- getting there

Pantai Bira is easily traveled to from the nearby town of Bulakumba. Buses leave on a daily basis from the capital city of Makassar with a journey time of around 7 hours. The airport in Makassar has frequent flights arriving from both Jakarta and Bali, from where international connections are possible.

In brief

Worth it? If traveling in the region, Pantai Bira is great for water activities and relaxing.

What to do: do a diving course and relax in the sun.

Best time to go: the dry season from April until October is the hottest time of year.

How long? A few days or a week depending on what you want to do.

Trivia: the region has a long maritime history dating back to the 14th century.

Pantai Bira attractions

  • Paloppalakaya Bay: is a stunning harbor with beautiful rock features and white sand beaches. Snorkeling is popular, as is swimming and sailing.

Side trips from Pantai Bira

  • Selayar Island: is located approximately 30kms from Pantai Bira and provides great diving conditions with visibility up to 50 meters. Diving is only permitted from October until April.