Mae Sariang Travel Guide

The riverside town of Mae Sariang makes a great base for exploring the western side of northern Thailand. Once there, attractions abound and the countryside is beautiful.

Not much goes on in Mae Sariang, but that’s one of its best qualities. The Yuan River runs right along the edge of town and guesthouses and restaurants dot the river’s edge providing a wonderful environment in which to hang out. There are also two Burmese Shan temples worth looking at for their unique style.

Wandering around the quiet streets of the town is one way to pass the day. But if you have your own ride you can explore the back roads in the area that lead to remote hill tribe villages along the Burmese border.

The best excursion around is to head out to the border town of Mae Sam Laep, where you can take a boat cruise on the incredibly scenic Salawin River that divides Thailand and Burma. Salawin National Park is also in the area, offering a place to stretch your legs and walk through the forest.

Getting There & Away

There’s no easy way to get to Mae Sariang, so it’s suggested you rent a car or scooter in Chiang Mai and make the easy and very scenic half-day drive to this riverside town. Irregular buses also make the trip but they are slow and irregular, taking about 3 to 4 hours. Chiang Mai is a busy hub for northern Thailand, accessible by frequent air, train and bus connections. It has the closest international airport to Mae Sariang.

Things to Do

Mae Sariang Attractions

Yuan River

Mae sariang’s town river provides a watery vista to sleep along and enjoy a drink as the sun goes down.

Salawin River

A real highlight in this area is the boat access at mae sam laep that lets you catch a cruise along the beautiful river that divides burma and thailand.

Wat Jong Sung

This burmese shan temple is an excellent example of the unique style of buddhist temples prevalent in burma.