Quezon is a 2nd class town in the south of Palawan Province in the western Philippines and is famously the home of the Tabon Man, who lived here eons ago. The Tabon Caves are the main attraction here and there are also many fine beaches nearby.

Most people head to Quezon to see the Tabon Caves, which are a bit of a tough trip from the capital, Puerto Princesa. The caves reveal all about the ancient man who lived here some 22,000 years ago through fossils and tools. The caves themselves are also pretty impressive, with the main entrance itself being a massive opening.

The caves are extensive, featuring something like 200 separate caves in all, only seven of which are open to the public. Many of the artifacts discovered in the Tabon Caves are now on display in the National Museum in Manila. In addition to the caves, the bay at Quezon is loaded with lovely islets featuring white sands.

Getting There & Away

Quezon is best accessed by bus from Puerto Princesa, 160kms north or a 5-hour journey. To get to the caves, pumpboats run from the wharf in Quezon. Puerto Princesa Airport is a 1-hour flight from Manila Domestic Airport, from where you can transfer to the city’s international airport.

Things to Do

Quezon Attractions

Tabon Caves

The main attraction in quezon features evidence of the ancient tabon man, who lived here 22,000 years ago.

Quezon beaches

Stretching along the huge bay here are numerous beaches and islets with secluded coves.

Side trips from Quezon

Brooke’s Point

East of quezon across the island and onto the east coast of south palawan, featuring a bit of history and nice beaches.