Situated in the very south of the Philippines, Mindanao is the country’s second largest island. Blessed with good weather and natural beauty, this is a good place to unwind.

There are a number of pretty beaches in Mindanao and most people spend a lot of their time close to the shore, perhaps lying on the sand or trying a range of water sports. If you want to get away from the beach, there are a number of towns and small cities on Mindanao to explore, such as the romantic Zamboanga City on the south-western tip of the island.

The people of Mindanao are mainly Muslim and this is a great place to try traditional Muslim cuisine. Creamy curries are popular here and fresh fish is prepared in the distinct Muslim way or barbecued on the beach in the evening.

Getting There & Away

There are regular flights from Manila to Mindanao (60 minutes). If you have time to kill, taking the ferry from Manila to Mindanao is a great way to see the landscape (18 hours).

Things to Do

Mindanao Attractions

Fort Pilar

Founded by the spanish in the 17th century to protect against muslim invasion, this pretty fort makes a great viewpoint.

Pasonanca Park

This pretty park makes a great place to chill out if you want to get away from the beach for a while.

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